Remember my China Pirates post? Those amazing engineers from China have done it again, this time with a clone of the smart fortwo, not so much of an complete engineering clone with matching doors but more of a complete rip-off of the concept. This Chinese smart fortwo is a front engined, front wheel drive vehicle instead of the smart fortwo’s rear engine, rear wheel drive layout.

They even went as far as to copy the Tridion Safety Cell design, but I doubt there is an actual Safety Cell incorporated into the chassis, it is likely just a design element to make it look more similiar to the smart fortwo than it would look like without the “safety cell”. Even the interior is somewhat similiar, but not exactly the same.

Amazing eh? You’ve seen what happens to a real smart fortwo in an accident, complete with Tridion Safety Cell and all sorts of funky crash protection engineering, but would you risk your life in this similiarly sized car with no knowledge on it’s chassis’ capabilities in an accident?

More photos after the jump.

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