If you think Malaysia’s state of piracy is bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet. China is where Uncle Ho got his MBA in Piracy. They can pirate anything and nothing’s stopped them for doing it. Proton ripping off Alfa’s grill for the Perdana V6 and Alfa’s sport rims design for the Proton Gen2 is nothing compared to what Chinese car manufacturers are capable of.

1. Laibao SR-V

Laibao SR-V

This car by Shuanghuan Motors. It’s a complete blatant rip-off of the Honda CR-V although only in exterior design. The interior is damn chapalang the last time I saw it. Couldn’t find photos of it for this post. The engine’s using a very old Toyota engine, probably old stocks. Shuanghuan also ripped off Audi’s 4 rings to use as it’s logo. It’s using 2 rings instead.

Both Honda and Audi have gone after Shuanghuan with lawsuits. Honda was asking for 100 million yuan as compensation but so far nothing has resulted probably because of protection by the China government.

2. Geely Merie

This has gotta be the most bold rip-off of all time! Most of the Geely cars are based on the old C-class and E-class Mercedes Benz designs. Even Ssangyong does it, although theirs was a proper legal transfer of design. But I’ve never seen such a bold attempt at ripping off the latest C class.

Check that out, it’s the latest peanut-eye Mercedes C class. Wait, it’s not a Mercedes?! It’s a GEELY MERIE! Sheesh, just looking at it really makes me feel geli, or should I say it makes me feel “Geely”?

Even the back is the same. I wonder what the Chinese translation for Kompressor is. Maybe they’ll just rename it to Kopier instead? Kopycat?

Yeah, take the body design of a car designed with a sporty look and comes with 16 inch rims (17 inch on the C32) and you stick 13 inch rims on them. Look at the size of the wheel arch compared to the relatively small 13 inch wheels they put on it. The people at Geely are too cheap for 16 inch rims and tyres. Oh wait, the wheels have gone through their Kompressor(tm) technology… must be.

3. Chery QQ

The Chevrolet Spark, or known by it’s nickname Chevy Spark was designed solely for the China market, designed for city driving – fuel economy and easy parking. But not even a year after the Spark was introduced, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp released a model that looked suspiciously strikingly similiar called the Chery QQ. WTF? Chevy = Chery. ROTFLOL! A GM spokesperson said: “If you didn’t have the name tags on the car, you couldn’t tell them apart. It’s such a knockoff that you can pull a door off of the Chevy Spark and it fits on the QQ – and it fits so well that the seals on the door hold.

These two models are going to be available in Malaysia so you can see China’s excellent piracy skills with your own eyes. Chevrolet just starting bringing the Spark into Malaysia and Naza wants to bring in the QQ. The Spark will cost about RM40,000 but rumours are saying that the QQ would cost almost 10K cheaper, although they are just rumours.


I have strong suspicion that the car above called the “Deer” by GreatWall Motors is actually a ripped-off Toyota Hilux. The fact that it’s called Deer when Toyota trucks and MPVs in Indonesia are called Kijang makes me even more sure.

What else?

Sing SUV – Nissan X-Trail
Geely – Ripped off Toyota’s logo
Hongda (wtf? Big Red?) – Ripped off Honda

What are you waiting for? Go get your MBA in Intellectual Property Piracy from any university in China today!