ECOSSE Titanium

The Ecosse Titanium Series is the most expensive motorcycle in the world. It costs a hefty US$275,000 and there are only 10 units available, but here’s what you get in return for a little over a quarter million US dollars.

It features the world’s first all-titanium frame, hence the Titanium Series moniker. Powering it is a 200 horsepower 2,150cc polished billet aluminium supercharged and intercooled V-Twin engine that makes 285Nm of torque, rather insane for a naked bike that weighs about 200kg.

The front suspension system use fully adjustable Ohlins FG700 Superbike Gas with a titanium front axle, while the rear suspension is a fully adjustable Ohlins Racing Shock setup. The bodywork is clear-coated carbon fiber, which includes the fuel tank.

Madness? You bet… click here for full specifications.