Electric Proton Persona

Hanyang University of Korea’s Professor Cho Jae-Phil claims his research team have discovered a way to produce lithium ion batteries that have 8 times more battery life than existing lithium ion batteries!

Now if this were a gadget blog you’d immediately think longer battery life for laptops, but since this is an automotive blog I’m pretty sure you’re thinking what I’m thinking – could this finally seal the fate of electric cars as the new mode of propulsion of the future?

It seems that the lithium ion batteries of today, while still superior to nickel batteries, are limited by the ability of its graphite cathode to store lithium ions. By applying a three-dimensional porous silicon, Professor Cho’s research team claims to be able to store up to 8 times the amount of lithium ions compared to current battery technology.

In another related news story earlier this year, a Stamford University research team discovered a (similiar?) way to improve lithium ion batteries to hold as much as 10 times more charge. It also involved replacing the graphite with a “forest” of silicon nanowires which can store much more lithium compared to graphite.

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