Lexus HS250h

Lexus will be displaying a dedicated hybrid vehicle at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show next month. A dedicated hybrid vehicle is essentially a model that can only be had with a hybrid powertrain, unlike cars like existing Lexus hybrids which are hybrid versions of models that are also available with regular combustion engines (current Lexus hybrids are the RX450h, GS450h and LS600h).

The new Lexus dedicated hybrid is rumoured to be called the Lexus HS250h and will be exhibited in concept form, with a production version only due in North American showrooms in late 2009 as a 2010 model. The HS250h indicates a relatively small engine compared to the lumps in the 450h and 600h models.

The word is that the Toyota Camry hybrid‘s 2.4 litre Atkinson cycle engine coupled with an electric motor will be used. That means front wheel drive, 147hp and 187Nm of torque from the combustion engine, and 40hp with 270Nm from the electric motor, or at least that’s what the motor makes in the Camry. It could be upgraded for Lexus use. If this is true, the new HS250h would probably be based on the Camry platform as well, turning it into a new hybrid-only “Lexus ES”.