Sportec RS700

The Audi RS6 Sedan you see above looks barely touched but it is in fact the very sleeper Sportec RS700. Despite its design which is far from being the typically outrageous type of look that some tuners like Wald like, its 5.0 litre twin turbo V10 gets a power boost from the standard 580 PS up to a mind-blowing 700 PS, with truly massive 800Nm of twisting torque! 0 to 100km/h takes only 4 seconds while 200km/h is hit in 12 seconds, on to a top speed of 310km/h. Other changes include a suspension that’s lowered by 30mm and a rear diffuser for additional downforce. The original exhaust can be replaced by the Sportec quad tailpipe unit you see above featuring 76mm tailpipes.

Bear in mind all of this are achieved with just minor rechipping, imagine what could be possible with a full overhaul of the internals with stronger parts, bigger turbos, better cooling, etc, this is one truly massive engine!