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Goodyear DuraplusInitially when the Goodyear Duraplus contest was first announced, Goodyear was putting up one set of Duraplus tyres for a lucky and deserving winner to win. The entries poured in like crazy and the Goodyear folks had a tough time picking out a winner.

There was also another issue – there were really too many entries who really really needed a tyre change but could not because they couldn’t afford them. Being the good-hearted folks they are, they decided to increase the amount of sets they were giving out to four!

Here are the four winners:

Goodyear Duraplus Winner 1 Goodyear Duraplus Winner 2 Goodyear Duraplus Winner 3 Goodyear Duraplus Winner 4
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The winners have been contacted and they will be getting their sets from Goodyear directly. I hope you’re happy with your tyres guys. I’m planning to organize more tyre giveaways in the future especially before festive seasons.

Festive seasons are the times when many families will be on the road to ‘balik kampung’ and they should be able to do so safely. Times are very tough for many these days so helping people with a fresh set of tyres for their own safety as well as for the safety for others is never a bad thing. So if you didn’t manage to get selected this time around, do try again! Many thanks to Goodyear for the tyres!

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