Great Wall Motor’s freshly launched C30 Teng Yi is set to be the company’s first global car, which means that the company will look seriously at export markets for the car instead of usually just selling it to the domestic Chinese market. Great Wall Motor intends to reach a 1:1 domestic to export ratio. In fact we may even see it here in Malaysia, since we have seen some Great Wall truck products with trade plates being tested here in Malaysia. An Australian debut is set for 2011.

There are hints of the previous generation Vios in the C30’s design much like the rest of Great Wall’s designs which are quite “Toyota-inspired” although with the C30 most of the car now looks significantly different from the design it was “inspired” from. The front end is similar to other Toyota designs like the Scion tC and the JDM market Corolla Axio.

The car is much bigger than a Vios though – it’s width, height and length of 4,452mm by 1,705mm by 1,480mm shows its longer and taller than the Corolla Altis’s 4,540mm x 1,760mm x 1,465mm but narrower. Wheelbase is 2,610mm which beats the Corolla Altis and Latio’s 2,600mm wheelbase. You could probably consider it a smallish C-segment car instead of a large B segment car.

The 1.5 litre engine is designated the GW4G15. It has variable valve timing and can do 138Nm of torque at 4,200rpm and a peak horsepower of 103 horsepower at 6,000rpm, which isn’t fantastic but it does meet Euro 4 emissions standards. The transmission used is a CVT gearbox of an unknown origin – sources online say that it’s self-developed by GWM.

A few variants are available in China ranging from 58,900 RMB (RM27,700) for the base model, 62,900 RMB (RM29,600) for the standard model, 65,900 RMB (RM31,000) for the “luxury” model, and the top of the line priced at 71,900 RMB (RM33,800).

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