Lexus’s new commercial for its LFA exudes an innate level of style and luxury, with shots of its plush interior along with its futuristic control panel, and the insane burble of the rumbling engine that goes on to make an incredibly euphoric cry. Cry that is so intense that it makes a champagne glass shatter into a million pieces.

Before you start jumping to unnecessary conclusions Lexus clearly states that no CGI has been used to make the glass crack, just a little bit of science. The LFA among other things is known for its beautiful sounding engine and this has been achieved meticulously by a group of engineers through the tuning of the multi-stage exhaust system.

Through inspiration from the soundtrack generated from a Formula 1 car at maximum revs, the team created a unique sound by emphasizing the secondary combustion frequency of the engine and then introducing primary, secondary and tertiary firing harmonics. Its so unique that you can get it as a ringtone on your mobile phone.

They then hired a physicist to determine the type of champagne glass that shatters at the same frequency as an LFA’s revving engine. This was supposedly achieved at an incredible 7000-9000 rpm. Lexus has been causing quite a stir with the LFA recently, as it was announced that all 500 models had been sold. The more interesting point to the story is the fact that a third of these customers were from Germany. This from a land of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Porsches.

Each buyer has already put down their 100,000 Euro down payment so it might be to late to check your bank balance. Nonetheless watch the video and enjoy the precision of Lexus/Toyota engineering.

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