UMW Toyota Motor has put up some information on the latest variant of Toyota Hilux due to hit our shores – the Toyota Hilux 3.0G Double Cab automatic. There’s an estimated price at the moment – RM106,000, which is a rough RM9k+ premium over the more expensive Hilux 2.5G Double Cab automatic model.

Under the hood is the 1KD-FTV, a 2,982cc turbocharged common rail direct injection engine producing 163 PS at 3,400rpm and 343Nm of torque from as low as 1,400rpm all the way to 3,200rpm. It’s not the king of the hill in terms of horsepower but it’s still over 50% more power compared to the 2.5G model. This is thanks not only to its larger displacement, but also a variable geometry turbocharger and an intercooler. This new variant is slightly heavier than the 2.5G, tipping the scales at 1,920kg compared to 1,865kg.

Other than the more powerful engine, the rest of the specs look quite similar to the 2.5G, except it has some additional features – auto door locking, and USB support for the head unit. The website says price and specs are estimated for the moment and are subject to change, though from past history usually the actual launched car shouldn’t run too far away from the preliminary specs.