Toyota will be simultaneously unveiling facelifted versions of all three of its IMV models at the Indonesian International Motor Show next month.

Just for some background – Toyota’s IMV (Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle) project vehicles are aimed at emerging markets and have spawned a total of 5 bodystyles which consist of three pick-up variants of the Toyota Hilux, an SUV which is the Toyota Fortuner and an MPV which is the Toyota Innova.

The picture you see above is the first leaked image of the new Toyota Hilux facelift, which is spreading like wildfire around the internet right now. As you can see the front end has been revised and now features a stronger face inspired by the high end Toyota Landcruiser J200.

The IMV project is actually something unprecedented for Toyota, as it is conducted almost entirely outside Japan, including purchasing, manufacturing and logistics. As emerging market vehicles, they are not designed or sold in Japan, and in fact most if not all of the parts are not sourced from Japan, instead supplied by various ASEAN countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. They are also designed to suit the “hardship” that the suspension system has to endure because of the general road conditions in emerging markets.