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Proton has revealed the new P3-21A… well, just the chassis frame anyway. It’s become somewhat of a Proton tradition with all its recent models. They did the same for the Proton Saga and the Proton Exora.

For the Saga, they started teasing the chassis frame in early January 2008 – the car was eventually launched in mid-January 2008. As for the Exora, teasers began in March 2009, with the chassis frame even featured in print ads. The Exora was eventually launched in April 2009.

We won’t see the P3-21A released that soon though, as Proton has revealed that the car is expected to hit the market in early 2012. It will be manufactured at the Tanjung Malim plant.

Reader goldmember recorded this video of the P3-21A in Glenmarie

The P3-21A will be a “global car”, one that Proton will use to push its export activities. Rules and regulations of many markets have evolved to require various parameters like crash safety for both occupants and pedestrians, the requirements of ABS, airbags and ESP stability control and so on. The P3-21A will have to be designed for all of these features to be a true global car. It will replace the Proton Persona in Proton’s line-up, and was previewed in the form of the Proton Tuah Concept at the KLIMS last year.

The chassis frame above was unveiled at the announcement of the production preparation of the P3-21A at the Tanjung Malim plant earlier this week., where Proton staff and a total of 108 vendors took an oath to ensure a quality product.

According to Proton, vendors for the P3-21A project were selected according to the BEx model. BEx stands for Business Excellence Practices, which evaluates the performance of a company based on 7 areas including leadership, planning, information, customer focus, public, processes and results.