Here’s something interesting spotted by reader Faisal Muthalib, who was traveling down the PLUS highway from Nilai to Seremban. The SLR wielding eagle eye snapped some high-res images of an Infiniti M (known as Nissan Fuga in Japan) being tested by JPJ. However, this is no normal M – the M35h bootlid badge tells us that this is the hybrid version of Infiniti’s 5-Series/Lexus GS rival!

The Infiniti brand was launched in October last year, when Tan Chong revealed the Infiniti Center in KL along with four models – the FX and EX crossovers, the G Coupe and the M saloon. The RM425k M37 is powered by a 3.7L VVEL V6 engine with 320 hp and 360 Nm. Paired to a seven-speed automatic, the muscular looking RWD saloon does 0-100 km/h in just 6.2 seconds.

The M35h is billed as a “driver’s hybrid”, and like Porsche’s Panamera Hybrid and BMW’s ActiveHybrid series, performance is key. Nissan’s luxury brand asks you to “forget your prejudices about hybrids” which is easy, since the system combines a 306 PS 3.5L V6 with a 68 PS electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Infiniti says that the M35h can reach 100 km/h on electric power alone. 0-100 km/h? 5.5 seconds, seven tenths faster than the bigger petrol engined M. Makes sense, if you’re seduced by the M and want to be different. Should be coming soon, hence this spotting.