Speedsters beware, Big Brother is watching you! The Sun reports today that the Automated Enforcement System (AES) is expected to be enforced later this month, and notices will be sent out by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) within five days.

“This way, the registered owner should not have trouble remembering who was driving the car at the point of offence – as opposed to if they were to find out about the offence one or two months later,” outgoing JPJ director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan told the daily.

The JPJ D-G, who retires today, added that notices – which will be sent to registered vehicle owners – will include an image of the vehicle captured by the AES camera. The image, which will clearly show the vehicle’s number plate and face of the driver, will have relevant information such as time, date, place of the offence and recorded speed.

However, it was revealed that the face of the front passenger, if any, will be blocked out. So for those with ahem, “unauthorised companions”, your partner will have photographic evidence of your car time together, but he or she won’t be able to tell who.

Solah explains that the photo and video recording, as well as details of the offence, will be sent from the camera to the AES control centre in real time, via online transmission. The info will then be processed and checked with the database to determine details of the registered owner. This way, stolen cars with fake number plates will also be found out.

Upon receipt of a notice, the vehicle owner will have two months to pay the RM300 fine. If he or she wants to contest the notice in court, an additional one month will be given for this purpose.

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