A hundred McLaren 50 12C anniversary commemorative specials will be built, split equally between coupe and Spider variants as the British brand celebrates its golden jubilee this September 2. Each will be commissioned by the company’s bespoke orders operation, McLaren Special Operations (MSO), and carry unique bits and pieces.

Differences include a new MSO front bumper inspired by the limited-run MP4-12C High Sport. It develops even more downforce than the standard item, and is a mix of carbonfibre and race-derived carbon Kevlar. Also changed is the black McLaren F1-inspired heritage badge on the bonnet, replacing McLaren’s current Speed Marque logo.

Carbon ceramic brakes are fitted as standard, sitting behind bespoke McLaren 50 Ultra Lightweight wheels. Measuring 19-inch at the front and 20-inch at the rear, the design is 2 kg lighter than the MP4-12C’s Super Lightweight options. Carbonfibre turning vanes with McLaren 50 logos offer further visual differentiation.

Cabin upgrades, limited-run plaques, exclusive colour options and a monogrammed black and silver car cover bookend the special edition models. You do pay for what you get – the McLaren 50 12C in both coupe and Spyder guises carry 10% heavier pricetags than the standard cars.