Here’s another reminder that the Goodwood Festival of Speed is now no longer solely targeting old timers in tweed jackets: the show is partnering Gran Turismo 6 developer Polyphony Digital in introducing an exclusive demo of the upcoming PS3 racing simulator featuring a fully rendered Goodwood Hillclimb Course.

The classic course will be ported into the full game when it ships later this year, but for now it’s only playable at the popular car show on PlayStation ‘race pods’ across the venue. The expected 185,000-plus spectators will have their chance to challenge Nick Heidfeld’s 41.6s course record set in a 1998 McLaren MP4-13 Formula 1 car.

Those who don’t have the privilege of attending the Goodwood show can still have a taster at home, courtesy of the recently made available Gran Turismo 6 demo on the PlayStation 3 that’s thinly disguised as the Nissan GT Academy 2013. You’ll be limited to a few Nissan cars of course, but the game’s impressive new physics engine is all there.

A word of warning though: the demo doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the screenshots here, at least not in motion. In replays it gets closer, but never does it manage the photo-realistic graphics shown here. Alas, there’s only so much the PS3 can do after all.