Daihatsu_NC-Y_Concept_ 001

Here are two more debutants at the Indonesian International Motor Show, the Daihatsu NC-Y and NC-Z concept cars. Both are simple design studies that preview the direction the company might take for its next generation of small and affordable cars. The NC in their names simply stand for New Car – option Y and Z.

Oddly enough, they both look production ready, save for the extravagant light treatments. Size-wise, they both appear to be smaller than the Indonesian-market Daihatsu Sirion (a rebadged Perodua Myvi), but larger than the Ayla city car. Guesses on what they will be, if they ever reach production, anyone?

The NC-Y Concept is the more interesting of the two, with a much more sculpted outlook compared to the NC-Z’s simplistic design. It has a square-cut, chiselled outlook and rugged features, all rolled into one tiny machine. There’s even a hint of the Volkswagen up! in its side profile.

Daihatsu_NC-Z_Concept_ 002

In contrast, the NC-Z Concept takes a more traditional route of small car design, using more rounded elements rather than aggressive lines. The upswept headlamps and large black grille are less radical than those on the NC-Y, and the rest of its features are taken straight from the small car design guidebook.

Nevertheless, both are quite attractive, aren’t they? After the bare-bones simplicity of the Ayla, these two inject a welcome dose of sophistication into Daihatsu’s small car family. Which of the pair appeals to you more? Tell us in the comments section below.

Daihatsu NC-Y Concept

Daihatsu NC-Z Concept