Now that Mercedes-Benz has the GLA-Class as an entry-level SUV, the GLK-Class can move upmarket to become larger and more luxurious. Gone are the first generation’s square-ish two-box looks, as this prototype mule shows. The new GLA looks like it’s going to be a more curvaceous SUV. it will be based on the new C-Class, and will probably be launched in 2015.

We can’t see much other than the overall shape of things, as the prototype is heavily disguised. You can also make out the outline of the front grille and the headlamps, though the actual headlamps that are installed on this GLK prototype are probably not the final production version.


Plenty of competitors in the segment now – you have the BMW X3, the Audi Q5 and the Range Rover Evoque, and they all do decently in terms of sales numbers. Even Lexus is developing a smaller SUV to slot underneath the Lexus RX.

The first gen GLK-Class is currently offered only as a left hand drive, but we expect this to change with the second generation, which means that we could see Mercedes-Benz Malaysia launch it here. MBM currently has a single SUV in its line-up, but the ML might be joined by its larger brother the GL soon. Still, a smaller more affordable GLK along with GLA are the ones that will bring volume.