While the Toyota 86 Convertible has reportedly been put on the back burner, Auto Express says that plans are on the way within the company to introduce a longer, four-door sedan version of the keen-handling 86 sports coupe. Citing an inside source, the English publication claims that the model has been given the go-ahead for production.

According to the report, the base rear-wheel drive platform will be stretched by around 100 mm to accommodate the two additional doors, while the front will supposedly inherit the blade-like Toyota grille used on the 2013 Vios and 2014 Corolla. A speculative rendering of a Toyota 86 sedan by Theophilus Chin is shown above.

As rumoured before, there could also be a hybrid variant of the 86 utilising a toned-down version of Toyota’s new sporty Hybrid-R technology, which was recently showcased on a 400 hp Yaris-based concept. Paired to the standard 200 hp ‘Toyobaru’ 2.0 litre boxer engine, between 250 to 270 hp and up to 15% better fuel efficiency are on the cards.

Whether with or without a convertible, sedan or hybrid variants, there’s no doubting that the regular Toyota 86 coupe is already a cracking sports car, both on the road and on the racetrack. The two-door is on sale here in Malaysia for RM243,000, or just over RM247k if you prefer it with a Subaru badge.

Toyota 86 Coupe