The Volvo XC60 facelift that was unveiled in February 2013 has been sighted at JPJ Putrajaya by our regular contributor Anol Alias.

UPDATE: The Volvo XC60 Facelift Drive-E has been officially launched – click here for the launch report.

On the exterior, the updated XC60 has all of its offroader-style black trim removed, with everything now in body colour, giving it a most urban appearance. It has a reshaped front hood, which is covered here in this JPJ unit, as well as an updated front grille design.

Other changes that we can’t see here in these photos include the standard inclusion of Corner Traction Control, which is basically a new torque vectoring system that suppresses understeer by braking individual inside wheels on corner entry, and then sending more torque to the outer wheels while powering out.

Engine choices remain the same as the pre-facelift unit but Volvo tauts improved fuel efficiency. The T5 here has a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine doing 240 horsepower.