Here’s a high-flying concept for the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo. The Renault Kwid is the first concept from the French carmaker to be unveiled outside of Europe, and it’s described as a “robust, yet fun” vehicle that aims to meet the needs of “young customers in new markets.”

By far the most unique thing on this concept is what Renault calls the Flying Companion – a sort of little helicopter thing that takes off from the vehicle’s rotating rear portion.

It can be operated in automatic mode using a pre-programmed flying sequence and GPS, or in manual mode, which enables it to be controlled using a dashboard-mounted tablet. The Flying Companion can scout traffic, take landscape pictures and detect obstacles on the road ahead.

“Customers in new markets are much younger. They tend to take a closer interest in technology and want to enjoy themselves,” said Renault brand and innovative cooperative lab manager Serge Mouangue. “This is the very first time in the long automotive history we can drive on earth with an eye in the sky.”

Designed with input from Renault Design India, the two-wheel drive Renault Kwid features rugged but funky styling, short overhangs that “give the impression of a bouncing vehicle,” chunky wings, power-operated scissor doors and petal-design wheels that stick out of their arches.

Things get even funkier inside – Renault says the interior serves as “a snug cocoon,” and is “inspired by a bird’s nest.” The driver sits in the middle of the front bench, slightly ahead of two passengers on either side to give them shoulder room. Two more seats at the back make this a five-seater.

The suspended front bench, trimmed in two-tone elastomer material, is electrically-operated on a centre rail. Rear air-con controls are to be found on the back of the front bench, and there’s “ventilation through concentric perforations.”

The Renault Kwid concept has a turbocharged 1.2 litre petrol engine and an EDC dual-clutch ‘box. It’s also been designed to receive batteries for electric traction, and there’s a charging plug behind the Renault logo.

Live photos courtesy of Faisal of MotorBeam India.