Shelby Cobra 50th Anniversary 427 S:C-3

Very few automotive designs are as evocative as that of the Shelby Cobra – the evergreen silhouette still retains its visual impact despite being introduced to the world 50 years ago. To celebrate the anniversary, Shelby American has introduced what it calls the Shelby Cobra 50th Anniversary 427 S/C.

Production of this particular Cobra is capped at 50 units, and will be available to order with either a hand-formed aluminium body or a fibreglass variant. The aluminium models will be offered in either a polished finish – with or without the trademark stripes – or Guardsman Blue with Wimbledon White stripes.

The fibreglass variant is only available in one colour scheme – Guardsman Blue with the stripes. No matter which one a client orders, the Cobra will come with special ’50th Anniversary’ badging as well as a plaque which denotes the running order of the 50 allocated units.

As for technical specifications, here is where things get a little fussy. The entry price of US$119,995 (RM420,000) for the fibreglass variant – US$179,995 (RM630,000) for the aluminium version – excludes the engine and transmission.

Potential owners will have to factor in the addition of a range of suitable engine/gearbox combination before the car is actually, well, useable. On the other hand, it would make for a great static display piece inside one’s residence now, wouldn’t it?