This is the first time we’re seeing the next-generation Lexus RX on test. Now that it has a younger sibling called the NX, there’ll be room for the RX to grow bigger, but will it?

The RX’s Toyota-badged sibling, the Harrier did not grow larger with the the latest XU60, in fact it’s about the same external length, while the wheelbase actually became shorter. At 2,660 mm, the new Harrier’s wheelbase actually equals the Lexus NX.


This can only mean the new Lexus RX will not be the new Toyota Harrier with a Lexus spindle grille. It’s likely to be an independent product that will grow in size to be a proper BMW X5 and Audi Q7 competitor. We think the RX will continue to use a transverse engine platform like the NX and ES instead of the longitudinal engine platform of the IS, GS, RC and LS.

This heavily-camouflaged prototype seems to have a front nose that’s similar to the Lexus ES. It could be that the disguise is quite effective, but the overall design language looks less fussy compared to the NX, which could very well suit the RX since its buyer profile is likely older.