On the move

A convoy of four Isuzu D-MAX pick-up trucks successfully completed a journey from Bangkok to Singapore in a single tank – that’s 1,809 km on less than its fuel tank’s capacity of 76 litres of diesel to be exact. The new record shatters the previous one where the D-MAX completed a 1,600 km journey from Bangkok to Melaka.

The convoy consisted of a pair of 2.5 litre models in manual and auto as well as a pair of 3.0 litre models in manual and auto. All were equipped with the 4X4 drivetrain. Air conditioning was turned on. Additionally, the trucks ran on Thai-sourced diesel and a commercial vehicle speed limit (pick-ups are considered as such in Thailand) of 80 km/h meant that the cars averaged between 70-80 km/h during the drive.


The journey flagged off from the Isuzu Ung Nguan Tai dealership in Bangkok and ended at the Singapore Discovery Centre. The drive was supervised by an Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) officer who also verified that all the vehicles were according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Although the Isuzu D-MAX shares a platform with the Chevrolet Colorado, it doesn’t share engines – Isuzu uses their own iTEQ range of engines for the D-MAX. It’s fuel efficiency must be one of the reasons why!