skuad muda

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) says that its road safety awareness campaign focusing on motorcyclists will be continued via Skuad Muda 1JPJ activities, Bernama reports.

JPJ director-general Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad said the Skuad Muda 1JPJ programme, which has signed up over 170,000 members in collaboration with over 200 motoring associations, not only provides road safety awareness but also nurtures the spirit of volunteerism and patriotism among its members.

“This will be a new wave among young people in particular Mat Rempit (illegal motorcycle racers). We want them to be identified as young bikers with a positive image,” he said, adding that the approach to be part of the programme will hopefully help to turn them into responsible citizens able to serve the country via volunteer programmes.

The programme, which began in 2013, was set up to get the squad volunteers to learn about traffic regulations and road safety aspects.

It was also planned for the volunteers to assist JPJ enforcement officers during operations as well as being the eyes for the JPJ on the road by monitoring road users and reporting traffic offences to the JPJ.

Then, it was reported the programme was aiming to recruit around 300,000 young volunteers by 2014. Despite not meeting the target, Ismail said that the agency hopes to achieve that target by the end of this year. “Under the first phase, we are targeting to sign up 300,000 members (by year end) and under the second phase (till 2020), up to 500,000 members,” he told reporters.