Hyundai has released a new spot for its Grandeur (or Azera, depending on where you are) sedan and it’s a weird one, to put it mildly. Fret not, for it is nowhere as grotesque as Audi’s attempt at showing off its RS3 Sportback, though it has to be said that this one tops the charts when it comes to random occurrences.

The ad begins with what appears to be the scene of an impending apocalypse or terrorist attack, with buildings burning to the ground and civilians running for their lives – except one individual who seems completely unfazed. The shot then zeroes in on a blonde woman sprinting to escape a collapsing building.

As said woman screams for help, the wall of the building comes collapsing down from the impact of Batman, Superman and The Flash crashing through the structure to save her – except that they don’t. Through a smokescreen, the superheroes disappear.

Upgraded Grandeur diesel_angled view

In fact, viewers are completely transported to a new location as the aforementioned superheroes vanish, replaced by three units of the fifth-generation Hyundai Grandeur driving through the desert, the regular petrol model flanked by the Grandeur Hybrid and diesel variant.

We assume that said formation symbolic as the regular Grandeur replaces Batman while The Flash is represented as the Grandeur Hybrid – Batman is the only one of the trio without actual superpowers while The Flash bears the signature of a thunderbolt. Thunderbolt, electric, hybrid. Geddit? No, Hyundai, we don’t.

GALLERY: Hyundai Grandeur facelift