citroen c5 fl

When time is called on the Citroen C5, it will also mark the end of Paul Magès’ famed hydraulic suspension. According to Reuters, the six decade-old system – which made its debut on the Traction Avant in 1954 but was more noted for its application on the DS of 1955 – is set to be canned.

Sources told the news agency that PSA/Peugeot-Citroen, in a bid to cut costs, is saying adieu to the suspension. According to these sources, CEO Carlos Tavares has made it clear that there are now other systems that can do just as well and that hydropneumatics cost a lot for not much benefit.

The report added that sales of hydropneumatic Citroen C5s dwindled to about 10,000 units in 2014, and the Hydractive 3 suspension accounted for only a small share of overall production at the group’s component plant in Caen, Normandy. Another notable user is of course Rolls-Royce – the factory will still supply pneumatic spheres to RR for its applications.

Strikingly, the system’s retirement comes just as PSA is shaping up the new DS range as a stand-alone luxury brand concentrating on sedans and SUVs and playing up the new range’s connection with its legendary ancestor. The flagship DS5 is equipped with dampers built by ZF, which feature preloaded linear valves (PLV) for more linear damping and a longer compression stroke.