In conjunction with the launch of the new X1 earlier today, BMW Malaysia also took the opportunity to roll out its new suite of ConnectedDrive services for the country. As demonstrated by the video above, they’re unlike anything Malaysians have had in their BMWs before.

While you may be familiar with the term ‘ConnectedDrive‘, the new BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps functions here are a first in the country.

For example, if you take a look at the current BMW 5 Series’ list of ConnectedDrive services, you’ll find that it enables drivers to perform basic things, such as draw a live Twitter feed from your iPhone on to the car’s Control Display screen, or use an app to locate your vehicle should it be lost. In the case of what’s available on the new F48 BMW X1, you’ll be able to do a lot more.

For now, the X1’s ConnectedDrive Services & Apps offers three new functions to Malaysian owners: Intelligent Emergency Call, Concierge Services and Remote Services. The compact SUV comes pre-loaded with a SIM card embedded in the vehicle, maintaining a constant data connection.

BMW X1 Msia Launch 15

With it, drivers now have access to the Concierge Services. At the push of a button, you can get connected to a BMW Call Centre attendee, who then become a sort of “personal assistant” to you. Rather than having to fiddle with your smartphones to find say, the nearest petrol station or a convenience story, Concierge Services allows you to simply press a button, and tell your “personal assistant” on the other end of the line where you want to go or do.

As seen in the example video, you can say “take me to the nearest chicken rice shop,” and the BMW concierge assistant will be able to search for the best chicken rice in the area, and transfer its GPS coordinates to your vehicle. All you need to do is accept the destination. BMW’s Concierge Services is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Next is the Intelligent Emergency Call service, which enables X1 drivers to reach their nearest rescue coordination centres via a BMW Call Centre whenever needed, or automatically in the event of an accident. The vehicle’s location details and severity of the accident will be transmitted to the BMW Call Centre, who will then send for help. The service can also be triggered manually, should you need to call for assistance.

The third new function is called Remote Services. What this does is basically turn your smartphone into a remote control for several functions of the car – you’ll need to download the BMW MY Remote app from the App Store, and yes, it’s only for the iPhone. In the case of the Malaysian X1, drivers with the app pre-installed and synced with their cars will be able to lock and unlock the car, flash its headlights, or sound the horn.

We’re told that the service will be given to buyers of the new X1 at no cost for the first three years, after which a subscription charge will be required. Also, the new ConnectedDrive services isn’t something existing BMW models will be able to get updated with – the feature needs to be installed before a car rolls out of the factory.

BMW Group Malaysia does have plans to introduce the service to other models, and it’s expected that the F30 BMW 3 Series LCI and the new G11 BMW 7 Series will be next in line to offer them here.