nam gurun

Back in August, it was reported that Naza Automotive Manufacturing (NAM) laid off a significant portion of its workforce at its assembly plant in Gurun, Kedah. The exercise involved 225 staff members as well as 30 from the NAM Committee.

Now, 20 former NAM employees have lodged a complaint against the company at the Industrial Relations Office in Alor Setar. The group, led by former Naza Workers Union (PEKENA) vice-president Mohammad Hanif Azmi, claimed that the company had not complied with certain articles in its 2014-2017 collective agreement, Bernama reports.

Mohammad Hanif said that NAM had not complied with Article 10 of the agreement, and stated that PEKENA had not been invited to discuss the issue of downsizing or the termination of staff, and that instead, they were given a 24-hour notice of termination.

“We understand the economic situation now, the currency fell, but they should have discussed the matter with us first. Most of us didn’t find jobs because of age factor,” he told reporters. He added that 80% of those laid off had still not found new jobs.

He also claimed that the company had violated Article 50, which stated that should the company have to carry out an employee retrenchment exercise, it had to work on the first-in, last-out principle. “Many of us who were laid off have worked between five and 13 years and had good working performance,” he said.

The NAM plant, which has been in operation since 2004 and which until the retrenchment exercise had a workforce of around 1,000, assembles Peugeot and Kia models for the domestic market.