With news of Proton calling time on the Satria Neo’s production this year, digital rendering maestro Theophilus Chin has shared a reminder of his past renders that showcased the design potential behind the Neo’s unique look, via social media recently.

Leading all the way back to 2009, Theophilus began producing renders of the Satria Neo in different body styles. Of the several we’ve compiled for you in the gallery below, you’ll see a sedan, a cabriolet, a 4X4 SUV, an MPV, a wagon, a reworked Arena pick-up, a van, and even a five-door version of the hatchback.


The Satria Neo sedan rendering was a preview of a Proton Savvy-based sedan model that never happened. There’s also one for what could have been the next-gen Proton Arena, should our national car maker kept the nameplate and light pick-up model alive.

For the more practical minded, you have the 4X4 SUV, which shows a raised ride height, protective plastic panels all around the exterior, and large five-spoke alloy wheels. Theo also showed us what a five-door version of the Satria Neo could have looked like, along with a sibling five-door estate model.

There’s also one for the commercial line-up, with Theo rendering a panel van with the Satria Neo’s design elements, forming what he called the Satria Van.

And who could forget the Satria Neo GTi renderings? Sporting an aggressive front bumper, hood vents and an intercooler, this one had the enthusiast salivating at the thought – especially since these photos were based on a set of spyshots captured earlier.

2015-theophilus-chin-renders-satria-neo-14 copy

Last, but not least, the Satria Neo Cabriolet. This one featured a soft top roof design that would seemingly fold back behind the rear passenger seats. The cabriolet is without a doubt this writer’s personal favourite.

So, which one of these potential Satria Neo variants would you have liked to have in your garage?

Proton Satria Neo