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One might have expected Elon Musk to issue a pretty bitter response after Consumer Reports downgraded its rating of the Tesla Model S from “recommended” to just below average, right? Wrong. Instead, Musk reacted by issuing a response stating that the reliability survey involved “a lot of early production cars” and that most, if not all, of the issues that have cropped up during the test have been rectified.

Additionally, he went on to bolster the Tesla Model S by stating that “97% [of new car] owners expect their next car to be a Tesla (the acid test).” Said rating by Consumer Reports had earlier caused Tesla Motors shares to fall by around 10% as investors began to doubt the quality of the car and the company.

The survey, which involved a total of 1,400 Model S owners, highlighted issues and glitches relating to drivetrain, power and charging equipment as well as the large centre-mounted touchscreen display in the cabin. Also, complaints regarding the operation of the sunroof and door handles were consistent.

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With that said, Tesla Motors’ solid service and aftersales support should be enough to buffer this particular scratch out. Most Model S owners have indeed rated the aftersales support as “the best in the world.” A separate report had noted that most consumers would be happy to purchase a Tesla in the future.

On the local front, a check on GreenTech Malaysia’s Tesla programme has revealed that the first few units of the Model S have landed in Malaysia. Said units are now awaiting registration and should be hitting public roads anytime soon. As we’ve managed to secure one for a quick poke around, do check out our initial impressions of the Tesla Model S 85 here.

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