Tokyo 2015: Mitsubishi eX Concept makes world debut; all-electric SUV with 400 km cruising range

Mitsu EX Concept Tokyo 2015 3

Prior to the start of the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi unveiled its eX Concept, which serves as a preview of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s (MMC) next-generation electric vehicle (EV) technologies.

With styling that points towards the brand’s future, we now bring you live photos of the concept so you can better judge the all-electric SUV’s design. As for us, the it appears that the eX Concept could also serve as a preview of the second-generation ASX too.

The trademark ‘Dynamic Shield’ front grille design, seen on other Mitsubishi concepts and current models, makes its appearance here. It certainly looks pretty conventional at the front, but there’s a twist here, and we’re not talking about the abundance of triangular elements either.

Mitsu EX Concept Tokyo 2015 2

Mitsubishi has decided to place the turn signals and LED daytime running lights where the headlights are supposed to be. Instead, the headlights are relocated to the lower section of the front fascia in order to “to prevent blinding oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.” Clever or curious? You decide.

Viewed from the side, the car’s shooting brake profile certainly provides a low-slung look for the SUV, with aggressive lines and cuts into the overall shape. A blacked-out C-pillar also gives the eX Concept a floating roof design. Access to the back seats is via a set of suicide doors, due to the lack of B-pillars.

At the rear, a blacked-out portion of the fascia highlights the tailgate, with slim taillights occupying the upper space beside it. More fluorescent triangular elements can be found at the corners of the rear bumper as well.

This isn’t just a design concept, because there is a working powertrain here. A pair of electric motors (front and rear axle), each outputting 94 hp, form the all-electric going power, drawing upon a 45 kWh lithium-ion battery pack mounted beneath the body.

The system is capable of a “cruising range” of 400 km following the JC08 cycle, while featuring MMC’s Twin Motor 4WD and S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) system.

Interior-wise, contrast colour seats are fitted as well as generous amounts of soft-touch material. Touch panels are littered across the cabin as well, providing access to vehicle functions. Other highlights include an augmented reality (AR) windshield that works together with the Intelligent Display platform and Caution Tracking system to keep drivers well alerted to possible hazards.

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