Suzuki Feel Free Go TMS-3

Suzuki also had two-wheelers on show in Tokyo, and the central displays were of two debutants, the first of which is the wonderfully-named Feel Free Go!, a motorised hybrid bicycle. This one has apparently come about from a desire to introduce more people to the joys of motorcycling, in an easy-to-master manner, so it goes.

The bike, which measures in at 1,850 mm long, 685 mm wide and 980 mm tall, is powered by a 49 cc twin-cam, two-valve single-cylinder engine for those moments when pedalling is too much of a task. The automaker touts durability, quietness and exemplary performance from the newly-developed oil-cooled, four-stroke unit.

The Feel Free Go!, which is named as a nod to the company’s first motorcycle, the Power Free, features a saddle-type seat help to make it as enjoyable to ride as a cross bike, and gear changes are performed using a shifter on the handlebar, as you’d find on a bicycle.

Suzuki Hustler Scoot TMS-6

There’s a full-colour touchscreen speedometer, which can be operated even while wearing gloves. The unit offers a rear-view display from a back-facing camera mounted below the seat, and it’s also equipped with a lighting system housed along the frame, which projects a beam of light onto the road surface for safer navigation along a path. Thoroughly neat, this one.

The other primary premiere is called the Hustler Scoot, the company’s take on a what a fun scooter should be like. The concept is powered by a 50 cc engine, with plenty of storage space. Aside from a conventional underseat luggage bay, there’s a removable, square luggage case that mounts between the rider’s feet.

If that’s not enough, there’s more room for luggage on the rear carrier and on the sides of the bodywork. Want to carry longer items previously unmanageable with a scooter? With the luggage case removed, the Hustler Scoot can carry such bits as a tennis racket. As for the bright, pop-art colouring, that’s a continuation of the theme propagated by the Hustler.

GALLERY: Suzuki Feel Free Go! cross bike

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