Mazda 2 SkyActiv-D Clean Diesel Challenge 41

Previously, we reported on the confirmation that Bermaz Motor will be bringing in Mazda’s range of SkyActiv-D diesel vehicles in 2016. Now, we have more updates on the matter, and it goes beyond just the diesel vehicles as you’ll soon find out.

First up, sources within Bermaz Motor have said that the diesel Mazda 6 will be part of its “diesel wave,” although no details pertaining to its equipment list were given. However, it will carry a 2.2 litre twin-turbo SkyActiv-D inline four-cylinder diesel engine, which is available in two states of tune – 148 hp/380 Nm and 173 hp/420 Nm. The model is said to come fully-imported from Japan (CBU), so don’t expect an array of variants to choose from.

Those who have been longing for a diesel CX-5 will soon have their prayers answered. Carrying the same 2.2 litre SkyActiv-D mill as the Mazda 6, the diesel SUV is already being assembled in Inokom’s Kulim plant here for export to the Thailand market. Bermaz has expressed its intention to offer the model here in just a sole variant, but no indicative prices nor kit list were provided. Given that the current CX-5 variant list is quite vast, a diesel CX-5 is said to be offered in just one variant when it debuts.

Moving down the range, the Mazda 2 diesel may have to take a step back first to make way for Mazda’s more established models, namely the CX-5 (and maybe the 6), in diesel guise, to make their debuts. We’re already aware that Bermaz has test units of the Mazda 2 (known as the Demio in its home country) and the 6 (pre-facelift) running around. Additionally, we had a go in the B-segment hatch during a fuel efficiency test from Bangkok to Penang, which you can read here.

The oil-burner Mazda 2 employs a 1.5 litre mill that produces 104 hp at 4,000 rpm and 270 Nm from 1,600 to 2,500 rpm. That is 10 hp less than the petrol model, but has a whopping 122 Nm more torque, which should make it plenty zippy. Other updates regarding the Mazda 2 is related to its headlights, so current owners will certainly be at ears here.

When the Mazda 2 made its debut in Malaysia in early January 2015, it came packaged with the less-flattering halogen headlights instead of LED ones. Many current owners (myself included) have been itching for Bermaz to bring in official aftermarket options to freshen up the car’s look. Unfortunately, we’ve been told that due to wiring concerns, those who have been looking for a plug-and-play option may be disappointed.

Instead, the B-segment car (available in sedan and hatch body styles) may be updated to mirror the specifications of the model in Thailand, its country of origin. Recently, the Thai-spec Mazda 2 received an equipment bump during the 2015 Thai Motor Expo, where it benefited from the country’s Eco Car programme Phase 2, allowing for LED headlights to be fitted to them for the very first time. However, this update could be accompanied by a bump in price as well, which could be a deal breaker for some.

Next up, the Mazda CX-3, which made its launch debut in the final month of 2015 in petrol guise. A diesel variant is offered in other countries, but it is very unlikely that the diesel crossover will make an appearance in Malaysia in the near future. The diesel CX-3 employs the same 1.5 litre SkyActiv-D mill from the Mazda 2, with the same power outputs.

Pick-up fans will have the BT-50 facelift to look forward to, but we weren’t given much information on the truck. Nonetheless, with Bermaz Motor looking to make a splash in the market in the coming months with its range of diesel-powered Mazdas, which model would you be looking forward to the most?