bhp tapah rnr station

Boustead Marketing has announced that its BHPetrol Infiniti Euro 5 Diesel is now available outside of the Klang Valley and Southern region – the fuel is available at the BHPetrol station at the Tapah rest area along the North-South Highway (southbound, heading towards KL). The company added that the fuel will be available to motorists in Perak, Penang and Pahang over the next few months.

Introduced in Johor in November 2014 amid tightening emissions requirements in Singapore (which would have resulted in Malaysian vehicles falling foul of the republic’s new emission regulations, and being barred from entering the country), the fuel made its way to the Klang Valley in August last year.

BHPetrol Infiniti Euro 5 Diesel 1

As at the end of February 2016, there are 62 stations selling Infiniti Euro 5 Diesel in the country, with the stations being located in Johor, Melaka and the Klang Valley. The majority of these are in the Klang Valley, where there are 37 stations retailing the fuel. A complete and updated list of stations can be found here on the BHPetrol website.

The Euro 5 diesel costs 10 sen more per litre than regular Euro 2M diesel at the pump, and currently retails for RM1.45 per litre (for March 2016). The fuel has a sulphur content of only 10 parts per million (ppm), compared to 500 ppm for current Euro 2M diesel. This new formulation will reduce emissions of harmful pollutants and increase the longevity of current diesel engines.