Brabus Zero Emission Tesla Model S-1

It may be hard to beat or even modify the P90D Tesla Model S’ 772-hp “Ludicrous Mode.” Brabus’ Zero Emission division decided to leave the powertrain alone and focussed on making the Model S more aerodynamic and refined inside, instead. The enhanced Model S is present in Geneva, as we speak.

The Brabus Model S sports aerodynamic-enhancing carbon-fibre components, that were produced with the help of a wind-tunnel. At the front, it gets a carbon spoiler lip that will help reduce lift on the front axle. There are carbon attachments for the side air intakes to optimise air flowing into the radiators.

Round the back, the insert in the production rear bumper has been replaced with a Brabus carbon diffuser. The diffuser too is aerodynamic in that it optimises air deflection, while giving the Model S’ appearance a touch of “racing flair.” The car here is wearing a set of 21-inch lightweight Brabus Monoblock Y “Platinum Edition” forged wheels, in a glossy black with a hint of light blue elements.

Inside, the Brabus customisation programme will see the interior with stainless-steel scuff plates with a colour-changing (white to blue) Brabus logo. A new centre console for the transmission tunnel with added storage, a wireless smartphone charger and integrated cup holders with cooling and heating function are also added.

For display purposes, Brabus’ Tesla Model S in Geneva sports a black exterior paint and a light blue leather interior. In addition to that, it has black edging and strategically placed, contrasting topstitching, while the centre console is finished in a high-gloss piano lacquer surface.

With that said, those seriously looking to get one, but not in that shade, will be glad to know that the leather and Alcantara upholstery can be specified in other colours. This, along with tailor-made genuine carbon and wood trim options for the cockpit, that are available in a variety of colours and different surface finishes.

The Brabus Zero Emission Tesla Model S is now available to the public. Brabus has also revealed that exclusive refinement options for the all-electric Tesla X SUV are already under development, at this current moment. Would you guys prefer Brabus or Mansory’s Model S?