Toyota has announced a worldwide recall for over 2.98 million Toyota and Lexus cars involving an issue with the fuel tank. Models affected include the Corolla, Auris, Prius, SAI, Rukus, CT200h, HS250h models manufactured between 2006-2015.

The issue is with the fuel tank’s charcoal canister. The canister is used to prevent emissions from the fuel tank from being released into the air. There is a possibility that the canister could develop a crack due to an improper shape of the channel edge at that location.

When this happens, it has the potential to expand and cause a fuel leak when the car has a full tank of fuel. Fuel or fuel vapour in the presence of an ignition source could increase the risk of a vehicle fire.


The recall involves removing the assembly from the vehicle, replacing the related sub-assembly and then refitting it to the vehicle.

UMW Toyota Motor has confirmed that there are cars in Malaysia affected by this recall. Please click here to read more about how the recall affects Malaysian cars.

This recall is separate from the curtain airbag recall that we published earlier today.