Mercedes-Maybach Coupe teaser

What you’re looking at here is a brand new concept from Mercedes-Maybach. As per teaser-standards, it has no name and looks quite splendid based on what the carmaker allows us to see. It’s also quite big, as the teaser photo is accompanied by the appropriate caption, “hot and cool – almost six metres of ultimate luxury.”

The six meters worth of “ultimate luxury” appears to be encased in a two-door coupe body featuring a long bonnet, teardrop-shaped cockpit and a steeply-raked windows. As far as we can see, the concept appears to abstain from using any straight lines – even the beltline is curved. Other details include dashes of chrome, a Maybach badge on the C-pillar and the Three-Pointed Star at the front.

In terms of underpinnings, the concept could be based on the Mercedes-Maybach S 600, which measures 5,453mm in length and has a 3,365 mm long wheelbase. As for power, the S 600’s 530 hp, 830 Nm 6.0 litre twin-turbo V12 may be employed to move what should be a hefty vehicle.

A two-door Maybach isn’t something completely new to the carmaker, because back in 2004, the company revealed the one-off Exelero. However, unlike this concept, the Exelero measures just 5.8 meters in length, but has a 5.9 litre twin-turbo V12 that churned out 700 hp and 1,020 Nm.

The concept is expected to be revealed at Pebble Beach next week during the Concours D’elegance event, which is certainly befitting its elegant demeanour.