Mitsubishi’s fuel economy scandal is set to worsen after the Japanese government found that eight more Mitsubishi models did not deliver the fuel economy performance advertised by the carmaker, according to a report by the Nikkei Asian Review.

Japan’s transport ministry will soon announce this revelation soon, and will order the carmaker to submit the correct fuel consumption figures for the affected vehicles, which have yet to be revealed. In any case, the company will likely pull the eight models from the market as it revises the data in its catalogues, a move that is expected to take around two to three weeks.

Owners of the eight affected models could also receive cash compensation depending on the degree of difference between the government findings and the advertised figures. Back in April this year, Mitsubishi allocated 50 billion yen (around RM1.9 billion) to compensate buyers of four Mitsubishi mini-car models for a similar issue.

The scandal has resulted in the company losing its two top executives, including its president Tetsuro Aikawa, and has turned to Nissan to bail it out. In late May, Nissan acquired a 34% equity stake in Mitsubishi.