The app for reporting road defects and complaints, “Aduan Jalan KKR” has now been updated to version 2.0 by the Works ministry. Launched in March 2015, this updated version – released in August – has some improvements to make reporting by users easier.

Applicable to both iOS and Android platforms, the new version uses GPS real-time reporting to process every complaint. After registering for an account on the app and providing a telephone number, the user can can report any road defects with the location pin-pointed by GPS and Google Maps.

Aduan Jalan KKR-3-BM

With the app, the user can forward a report on any road, be it Federal or State roads, or any highway in Malaysia. For any damaged road that is maintained by the Works ministry, action will be taken within 24 hours.

Should the road damage be more complicated, it is estimated that action will be taken within 15 days. For roads and highways that lie outside the jurisdiction of the ministry, complaints will be forwarded for further action.