TC Euro Cars (TCEC) recently held its Renault Driving Experience event at the Sepang International Circuit, an extension of the Renault Track Day, which is geared towards promoting road safety while providing an enhanced ownership experience.

“We wanted to better equip our customers with some key defensive driving skills, as many traffic collisions can be avoided if drivers are better prepared to react to various scenarios and conditions on the road,” said Kuan Kim Luen, CEO of TC Euro Cars.

Participants were first provided with theory lessons in several areas, including the importance of observing the road ahead, understanding the principles of oversteer and understeer, using indicators, proper seat and driving positioning, as well as tips on highway driving.

Later on, the 30 Renault owners took part in a practical sessions that allowed them to experience first-hand some of the safety systems found on Renault vehicles like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). They were also able to practise various defensive driving techniques such as quick obstacle avoidance in a safe, controlled environment.

“Road safety is a very serious matter and highly relevant to our business. The aim of the defensive driving course is to help raise awareness of safe driving practices and techniques, especially among the increasing number of young drivers in the country, to help reduce fatalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents,” said Kuan.

Meanwhile, 25 owners of Renault Sport vehicles got the chance to put their track driving skills to the test during the Renault Track Day event, with instructors on hand to coach first timers on how to wring out the most performance from their RS vehicles.

By the end of the event, the best recorded lap time around the circut among the owners was 2:33.527, a testament to Renault Sport’s racing DNA. As for those looking to dive into RS ownership, taxi rides around the circuit were also available, with professional drivers behind the wheel.

“The Track Day sessions have been well received by Renault Sport owners. Now with an expanding line-up of mainstream Renault vehicles, we wanted to engage with customers of these models as well and enhance their ownership experience,” he added.

TCEC intends to organise the Renault Driving Experience on a yearly basis to offer track day sessions as well as defensive driving courses for Renault Sport and Renault owners in Malaysia.