Now that the all-new G30 BMW 5 Series has been revealed, the German carmaker wants to make sure that everyone knows exactly what has changed on the new car when compared to its sixth-generation predecessor, the F10.

To do that, the company has released this informative video that takes you on a tour around both generations of the 5 Series, inside and out. Naturally, it starts with the exterior, where at the front, the trademark kidney grille has been redesigned so that it links to the new headlamps, which now feature a similar look to those seen on the latest 3 Series.

Said grille also features an active shutter function for better aerodynamics, opening when extra cooling is required, and closing to reduce drag-inducing airflow. Moving on, the profile continues to feature the well-known Hofmeister kink, while certain lines have been accentuated to project a more athletic look for the sedan.

As for the rear, the wider taillights not only feature new graphics, and wraparound the sides of the body as well. Below that, the 5 Series in 540i guise comes with dual trapezoidal-shaped exhaust pipes as well. For those curious how the new lighting elements look like while driving at night, skip over to the 1 minutes 45 seconds mark and you’ll find your answers there.

Moving inside, the 5 Series’ living space has been thoroughly revamped to offer an even more premium feel than before with better materials and an updated layout. Among the key changes from the previous car is the free-standing display that is linked to BMW’s latest iDrive system with Gesture Control.

In other areas, you’ll notice the brand-new steering multifunction steering wheel, 8.8-inch Dynamic Instrument Cluster, start/stop button, switchgear and ambient lighting. Passengers in the rear will also benefit from the new car’s slightly larger wheelbase, as well as the optional Rear-Seat Entertainment Professional system seen here.

Of course, this video is just a quick run-through of what’s new on the G30, and there are certainly many other new features that are available not shown here. Show of hands, how many of you are interested in the brand-new 5 Series, which as you know, is the star in the latest instalment in BMW Film’s The Hire series?

GALLERY: G30 BMW 5 Series