Malaysia says that it will implement its road charge (RC) on all foreign-registered vehicles entering the country, Bernama reports. This will include vehicles from Indonesia, according to transport minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

Last week, Liow reiterated that vehicles entering Malaysia from Thailand will be imposed the road charge. Originally set to begin from the end of 2017, the RC for Thai-registered vehicles will now start from June. He added that the rate will be RM20, the same as that imposed on vehicles entering from Singapore.

“All our borders will introduce the RC. We introduced this to protect our country. We are not implementing it for Singapore alone, but also for vehicles registered in Thailand and Indonesia (that come into Malaysia),” he told reporters over the weekend.

Malaysia began imposing the RC on Singapore-registered vehicles at the Causeway and Second Link from November 1 last year, a move that Singapore said was “discriminatory,” prompting the republic to introduce its own reciprocal road charge of S$6.40 (RM20), starting from February 15.

Last week, Singapore said that it will lift the RRC once Malaysia imposed the RC at all Malaysia’s land borders.

“I’m happy with their response, that they will not introduce the RRC if we take up a non discriminative approach. From the very start, I told the Singapore government that we are not discriminating against Singapore. We introduced this basically to ensure the safety of our traffic and vehicles coming from Singapore to Malaysia,” Liow explained.