The name may be Comprehensive Motor Insurance, but if you haven’t already realised, insurance payouts in the event of total loss or theft never matches what you paid for the vehicle. The payout, which takes into account depreciation, might not even be enough to offset the hire purchase loan, which is extra bad news for the already grieving owner.

This is where Return To Invoice (RTI) insurance, now made available by Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia, comes in handy. RTI insurance – purchased on top of comprehensive motor insurance – essentially bridges the regular insurance settlement amount (current market value of the car) and the original purchase price of the car. RTI insurance covers total loss, theft and fire.

With RTI coverage, you will now have the same amount of money to spend on a replacement car as you originally spent on the car that was damaged/stolen. The above graphic by Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia explains it clearly.

RTI insurance, also known as GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance, is not a new concept and it has been offered in other markets. Lately, car brands have been working with insurers to offer this sort of protection in Malaysia – RTI-GAP Insurance by Nissan and Peugeot Protect are examples. Both Tan Chong and Naza are working with AXA Affin for their RTI insurance offerings. Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia’s RTI plan is underwritten by AXA Affin.