Motorists need not fear about being charged in court twice for a single offence registered under AWAS, the automated awareness safety system that integrates AES (Automated Enforcement System) and the Kejara demerit points system. The system went online on April 1.

Transport minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said traffic offenders will not be charged separately for the summons and demerit points they receive for an offence, The Star reports.

He refuted claims that the system’s workings would make all AWAS-related offences a case of “double jeopardy,” saying such a situation would not arise because offenders will only be charged once.

“Double jeopardy is when you are charged in court twice for the same offence, which is not the case here. Offenders will only be charged in court once for an offence. There is no double jeopardy, because the Act states we can issue a summons and demerit points. All this is already addressed in the JPJ Act,” Liow explained.

He said that the deduction of points will only be made under the Kejara system. “The public should not confuse police and JPJ enforcement because it is different from Kejara,” he said. He added that Kejara was currently used for two offences (traffic and speeding), but will be expanded to other offences in future.

Liow added that though some information was already availble on the Road Transport Department (JPJ) website, more details on the matter were needed. He said he had instructed JPJ to provide a clearer explanation on how these offences are processed, and assured the public that more details will be provided soon.