‘U’ number plate series open for bidding – U1 to U9999

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Here’s another new number plate series for those wanting to stand out. The ‘U’ series – U 1 to U 9999 – also allows for a short number plate with only one alphabet. The numbers were open for bidding last week, and the end of the tender period is September 8. Results will be out on September 18.

The series is being auctioned by “iM4U Sentral” which could mean that it’s the same people behind the previous 1M4U plate series. Interested parties can make reservations from as low as RM50, but of course, plates go to the highest bidders. Conversely, there are no maximum prices, and bids can go as high as the demand a particular number attracts.

Lately, there have been many chasing the ‘8055’ number to tell the world that they are the boss, as seen with ‘AKU 8055’, but I wonder if “U 8055” would be half as popular. Fans of U2 might want to show their devotion via a number plate, while angry types could print out their constant Cantonese cursing on a number plate – U 114, U 967 and so on. Good luck!

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