It’s 7pm, which means the long Merdeka and Hari Raya Aidiladha weekend has already kicked off for most of you. Many will be taking advantage of the break to head back to their hometowns, and unfortunately that’s also usually when we see a spike in the amount of road accidents.

This is why it’s especially important to keep you and your loved ones safe during the drive home, and it’s also why we’re continuing our public safety video series on child safety seats, created in collaboration with Proton. Today, we’ll be having a look at what happens if you don’t secure your child properly.

To demonstrate, we have two teddy bears – stand-ins for actual children, for obvious reasons. One is properly strapped into a child seat inside a Proton Ertiga, while the other is left to roam around freely inside the MPV. An emergency braking manoeuvre from 50 km/h is used to simulate a moderate accident.

As you can see, this results in the unrestrained bear to be thrown violently, hitting the back of the front seat with considerable force – and if that bear was to be sitting in the middle or at the front, it would have hit the dashboard or even out the windscreen.

By comparison, the harness, specially designed to distribute the forces across the strongest parts of a child, keeps the other bear in place, minimising the impact as well as the risk of injuries. That’s as clear a proof as any of how a child seat saves lives.

Let’s make child seat usage a habit, and share the video to raise awareness on child seat usage. If you missed any of the previous videos in the series, you can also watch them below to find out why child seats are important, which ones to buy and how to install them.

Proton is now offering a child safety seat worth RM1,000 at just RM299, with every purchase of a new Proton. You can also purchase the seat separately for RM599. The promotion is subject to stock availability and other terms and conditions.