The latest instalment in the acclaimed Gran Turismo racing simulator franchise, Gran Turismo Sport, will go on sale next month, and developer Polyphony Digital is keeping the Vision Gran Turismo series of concept cars going with this one. The newest addition to the initiative, introduced in the previous title Gran Turismo 6, is Zagato with the Iso Rivolta Vision Gran Turismo.

Teased in this sole photo ahead of its video game debut, the show car is described by the Milanese coachbuilder as being inspired by the American-powered Italian coupés built by Iso, which went bust in 1974 – although the company was also responsible for the Isetta bubble car made famous by BMW.

Its namesake, the 1962 Rivolta IR 300, was a GT powered by a small-block Chevrolet V8, and it set the template for the rest of the company’s cars that came after. It should be noted, however, that the original was not designed by Zagato, but rather its now defunct rival Bertone.

Gran Turismo Sport hits store shelves in Asia on October 17.