Japanese widebody specialist Liberty Walk has certainly torn up the rulebook on what is tasteful and acceptable, with outlandish styling kits for various exalted supercars. However, it has yet to apply its expertise on the tuner favourite, the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, until now.

The company has released the first images of its creation for the two sports cars, and it shies away from the design of the ubiquitous Rocket Bunny kit. Here, the less complex bolt-on fender flares give the 86 a more retro look clearly inspired by classic Japanese race cars.

There’s also an aggressive front splitter (an entirely different front bumper is also available, although no photo of it exists just yet) and rear diffuser, as well as a choice of either a GT-style rear wing or a more, ahem, subtle ducktail spoiler.

None of it is cheap, mind, despite being made with fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) instead of the usual carbon fibre. The kit as a whole is priced at 448,200 yen (RM16,150) for the standard rear spoiler, or 491,400 yen (RM17,120) with a full front bumper. Meanwhile, the second rear wing option retails at 534,600 yen (RM19,280), or 577,800 yen (RM20,840) with the front bumper added.

Not enough? You can also plump for a roof spoiler priced at 54,000 yen (RM1,950), but if you really want your car sitting low to the ground you’ll have to splurge for the Airrex air suspension that costs a whopping 790,000 yen (RM28,490). So, do you like the Liberty Walk treatment for the 86 and BRZ?