We’ve seen several spyshots of the G20 BMW 3 Series in prototype form in the past, but just what will it look like when the sedan finally makes its debut? Well, Theophilus Chin has provided us his answer with these renders of the all-new sedan.

At first glance, the 3er certainly appears to have a lot in common with the current G30 5 Series. Up front, we see larger, conjoined kidney grilles which have now become a staple for the brand as the array is also seen on the M2 Competition, Concept 8 Series. Like the F30 LCI, the headlamps continue to be linked to them, although there’s more contact area here as well as an intricate shape to them, what with the notch at the bottom. The LED DRLs remain in the headlamps, but are laid out differently, as seen in spyshots.

The lower apron is a reflection of what we’ve seen on test mules that were wearing an M Sport package. Like the camouflaged mules, there’s an aggressive-looking front bumper with three intake large sections and smaller ones in the corners. Here, the latter is accompanied by LED fog lamp strips.

Down the sides, BMW’s Air Breather elements make their appearance on the 3 Series, where they lead towards a prominent crease covering the doors. Another cue from the G30 are the distinct character lines that cut through the door handles, but here, they appear to be further accentuated by what looks like a raised section that goes all the way to the taillights and lip spoiler bootlid.

At the rear, the L-shaped taillights are again, reminiscent of the ones on the G30, and they sit just above the reflectors/rear fog lamp. Further down, we see a dual tailpipe setup surrounded by black trim, with this section being pushed outwards slightly and framed by outlets in the edges of the rear bumper.

Looks like an interesting prospect, don’t you think? Will you prefer this to the W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class and B9 Audi A4? Do share your thoughts on these G20 3 Series renders in the comments section below.

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